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NNMi MIB files migration

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NNMi MIB files migration

Hi Experts,


Need to migrate NNMi windows HA to NNMi Linux HA


NNMi windows version: 9.20 with Patch 4 (this is a present production server)


NNMi linux version: 9.20 with patch 4 ( this a new NNMi server nothing is configured)



I want to do the configuration migration and not the database migration, in this case I have to first migrate all the mib files available in current NNMi production( windows) to NNMi linux.


any command to migrate all the mib files , do I have to migrate the mib files from the below path or any other path I have to consider.




Please advice is there any standard procedure to migrate the mib files s





Dave Young
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Re: NNMi MIB files migration



  When you load a MIB file NNMi puts the file contents into the DB and also then creates a series of other tables that hold various aspects of the MIB contents. 


  In order to migrate the files installed on one sytem to another its really a case of


1) Identify which MIBS have been loaded  (  nnmloadmib.ovpl -list )

2) ensure all these MIB files are on the new system

3) load each of them one by one.


Unfortunately there is no automated procedure for this.   However to make things a little easier I wrote a script that will extract one or all of the MIBS from the DB.  This makes it much easier to get all that have been loaded and to then copy those that are not on the new system onto it.    if you would like this script then let me have your email address in a private mail ( link above top right ) and I can send it to you.


  All the best


Dave Y

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