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NNMi Installation Question..

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NNMi Installation Question..

Hello Folks,

I have bit confusion in installing the NNMi in windows server, althought installation is bit easy when compared to linux environment.
All Pre-Requisites are done :)
My doubt goes like what to be installed, when i went to download page of software i see 3 files :

HP NNM i Windows 9.20 Eng SW E-Media
Software, NNM iSPI Perf Met Win 9.20 Eng ( TB771-15008.iso )

Software, NNM iSPI NET 9.20 Eng ( TB769-15003.iso )

I have installed "HP NNM i Windows 9.20 Eng SW E-Media" but i see there are few files are missing in installed directory.. (ex: version, perl, textfiles, etc).
Attached image is installed dir.

Can some please tell me what all to be installed to work with NNMi.

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Re: NNMi Installation Question..

Hi Rajesh,

What you have installed (i.e. "HP NNM i Windows 9.20 Eng SW E-Media") is actually correct.

The issue on your setup (as seen over a WebEx taken during our support case interaction), is that an external factor (UAC/AV/Firewalls/Security Measures) is interfering with file creation and permissions setting on the installed software.

If the installer is showing missing files, security mechanisms on the drive you are installing it on, or a corrupted install media could be the reason for this behaviour.

After the install is done, check the %Temp% for the HPOVInstall* logs. They will contain more info on what went fine, and what went wrong.

Please reach out to me via email if you need more assistance.


EDIT: The issue was with the D drive used for the install. There were Windows Permissions issues which were corrected manually, by right clicking the Install Drive, editing the permissions, and adding the necessary access to Everyone/Users to read/write/execute files on it.

Mohit Sharma,
HP Software Support

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Re: NNMi Installation Question..

Thanks Mohit,


Will reach you through Mail.