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NNMi High Memory Utilization

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NNMi High Memory Utilization

Hi There,


   I just had a question here, but we run NNMi on a VM, and about two days ago, we started getting alarm saying that the memory utilization was high, and running at 85%.  While getting this alarm though, everything seemed to be running just fine.


We switched the NNMi application over to the backup VM in another data centre, and there seems to be no memory issues running on the backup VM.


I had one of our server guys look into it, and the memory utilization, for the duration of the alarms, only peaked at 50% on the server, after we switched the NNMi application to the backup server, you can see the memory utilization dropped to less than 20%.

Is there a configuration file in NNMi where you tell NNMi how much memory is on the server? I'm just wondering, because the memory utilization came no where near 85% on the VM.



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Re: NNMi High Memory Utilization

It's a Java app, so it has a configured max heap size. Java won't allocate beyond that heap size, even if there is free RAM. So it's not enough to just give the box more vRAM - you need to also configure Java to use it.


Check ovjboss.jvmargs - see the Release Notes for a little more info on configuring XmX.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event