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NNMi HA configuration Shared disk selections

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NNMi HA configuration Shared disk selections

Hi Experts,


when we execute nnmhaconfigure.ovpl, it asks a question


Please enter the type of shared file system (disk, SAN, none) : ?


As per the NNM Deployment guide "disk" -- shared disk is physically attached disk that uses a standard file system type ------- Does this include NAS


SAN--- I think this option is only for SAN


none (This option is other than "disk" option such as NFS)-- what type of shared disk fall under this, because NFS is the proctocol used for sharing.






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Re: NNMi HA configuration Shared disk selections

the answer depends heavily on what version of NNMi you are running and which "HA" feature you are using;

app-failover only involves a "share" if you are using Oracle DB, but if you are using GNM that is totally different. Neither of those is specifically dependent on RAID arrays as far as I'm aware. Have you opened a support ticket on this?