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NNMi HA configuration RG switching

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NNMi HA configuration RG switching

Hi Experts,


NNMi HA is configured in redhat cluster suite 


OS version : Redhat linux 6.3


NNMi 9.20 with patch 4


In NNMi HA, when I do switchover from primary to secondary, I found a warning message in the /var/log/messages as below.


"Unaligned AIO/DIO on inode 2628226 by ovjboss; performance will be poor"


I want to know is this related to NNMi HA configuration and what is this message about.


Also file system type ext4 is supported or not for NNMi HA configuration


Please advice



dieter boschung
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Re: NNMi HA configuration RG switching

Hi Abhishek


The use of ext4 for the NNMi RG has not been approved yet, however, it seems to work just fine. The AIO/DIO message is generated by the ext4 filesystem subsystem to indicate that one or more threads of the mentioned application on the same block and needs to be synchronized.


Further information can be found here: KM00586570


Kind regards


HP Support
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