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NNMi 9.22 ping sweep per rule does not work

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NNMi 9.22 ping sweep per rule does not work



In my customer's NNMi 9.22 (i.e. patch 2) on Windows 2008 test environment, I have discovered the following behaviour twice now (the second time after scratching the entire NNMi database and starting discovery from the beginning):

When setting the general ping sweep to ""Each rule (as configured)", and then adding one auto-discovery rule with an ip-range (having a mask of 23, i.e.  a range similar to10.0.0-1.*) nothing at all happens. But as soon as i change the general ping sweep setting to "All rules", it immediately starts of a full discovery of that subnet.


That change is the only thing I do, indicating that all other settings (communication settings etc) are correct.


Have anyone else experienced this?




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event