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NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

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NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

Hi All,


Can anyone here help me out wih DR guide of NNMi.


scenario is that, we will have one NNMI mgmt server in DC which will be active all the time.


Now in case of disaster, we are planning to have one NNMi mgmt server in DR side.


But how do configure the same,  ca this be automated or need manual work.


we will send SNMP traps to both NNMi server.


now what we are planning is to take NNMi dbbackup only from DC at regular interval and restore the same whenever there is issue at DC end.


Please help with the standard and best practice in this situation.




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Re: NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

Hot/Cold  is problematic with NNMi since as soon as you restore your last backup your system will have a stale topology and will need to poll to bring it up to current conditions so you'll need to factor a full discovery time period that into your recovery timeline.


A straight backup and restore to another system will require some manual steps unless your DR site will duplicate the same IP addresses and hostnames as your production. The licenses are bound to the host IP addresses. Applying a restored DB to a system isnt an incremental update, its a complete overwrite and as such you'll need to keep several iterations around because you'll never know when a DB backup includes corruption so you'll want multiple copies as well as schedule regular times to test restoration so that you know your copies are good.



Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp,  CISSP
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Re: NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

Hi Andy,

thanks for your reply.

Is there a separate license if

1)we are going to use application failover of NNMi
2)separate NNM servers in DC and DR and manual procedure to backup db and config and restoring in DR.

what licenses type will be required in both of these cases.

Tracy Avent HPS
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Re: NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

both cases need a licence, but my impression is that app-failover is a cheaper one that two NNM9 servers running completely independent of one another. the logic is that in app-failover, only one of them is really fully functional at any given time.

for the specifics, contact a sales rep or account rep, they should be able to quote you about the relative prices.

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Re: NNMi 9.20 DR configuration guide

Hi tracy,

Thank for your help. got few more queries below

If we are using NNMi application failover feature then

1)If NNMi primary server is in DC and NNMi secondary server is in DR, what is the list of ports that needs to be opened between DC and DR NNMi for communication(any document will be helpful for this)

2)In DC we have integrated NNMi with OMW for events and uCMDB for CIs, then in case NNMi primary fails, will secondary NNMi report to OMW and uCMDB in same way.

3)as mentioned NNMi and OMW are integrated, if OMW primary fails and NNMi primary also fails, then where will NNMi secondary forward events, can events be forwared to secondary OMW, how to achieve this as we have insatlled OM agent separately on NNMi DR server.
Please provide your thought on this.

Thanks again.

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