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NNMi 9.2 ovjboss only lists 5 services


NNMi 9.2 ovjboss only lists 5 services

Recently NNMi jsut stopped working.  Can't access it at all.  I did and ovstop and ovstart, then ran ovstatus -v.  Everything is running but ovjboss looks like this:


object manager name: ovjboss

state:                                 RUNNING

PID:                                     6060

last message:                   initialization complete.

exit status:                       -

additional info:

                    SERVICE                                                                                     STATUS

                    NmsAPA                                                                                     Service is started

                    NmsExtensionNotificationService                                      Service is started

                    SpmdjbossStart                                                                        Service is started

                    StagedIcmp                                                                                Service is started

                    TrapConfigurationService                                                      Service is started




The health.log shows that everything is running, everything is started, no errors ... nothing.  I try to access the NNMi console and it just sits there thinking forever without stopping.  I don't even know what to do at this point, the system thinks it's fine but obviously it's not.  I also tried to send the ovstatus -v ovjboss > c:\ovjboss.txt but it only shows what is displayed above, it doesn't give me anything new.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: NNMi 9.2 ovjboss only lists 5 services

This happened to me in a test server , I checked the logs and port usage i.e whether the NNM port and other jboss port is being used by any other external program , but no luck).. All I did is reboot..,


I wouldn't suggest you to do if you app is in production ..


Drop  your post in the NNM forum for the speed and proper response ..

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Re: NNMi 9.2 ovjboss only lists 5 services


ovstatus -v ovjboss

to get the longer list

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Re: NNMi 9.2 ovjboss only lists 5 services

If ovjboss is not showing all the sub services, then some threads have failed to deploy.

Look at the boot.log/jbossServer.log/nnm.log in the NNMi Log directory.


In most cases, there might be extra files, or folders in the NNMi's deploy/lib directories. There is a KM about such a situation:


If you are using the Oracle Database, this might also be relevant:


For a more generic problem, you may also try referring this:


If you are still facing issues, please log a support case, or do an ovstop, note down the time, do an ovstart, note down the time, and attach the boot.log, the nnm.log.

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