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NNMi 9.10 for Windows Oracle remote database

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NNMi 9.10 for Windows Oracle remote database



I´m trying to install NNMi 9.10 using a remote Oracle 11g database but, when I specify the Oracle connection information, using a user called "nnmi", I receive a error message (attachement msg01.jpg).


When I try to connect direct to this database using SQLPlus and the same connection information, I get in success.


Some questions:


- Do I should have the Oracle Client installed on the NNMi System?

- I believe that the instance name asked on NNMi installation is the SID Name of the database. Is it true?

- Is not clear to me if Oracle RAC is a supported solution? Is it not supported?

- In a Oracle RAC environment, is it support to connect to a database directly using their node hostname hosting NNMi database?

- Is there any log in NNMi installation that I can check what´s happening?


Thanks in advance.





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Re: NNMi 9.10 for Windows Oracle remote database

You do not need an Oracle client installed.The instance is the SID and RAC is NOT supported.  Was the user created with the proper permission?


It specifies these as required priveleges:


Create Sequence, Session, table, view
   flashback any table