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NNM9i services will not start

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NNM9i services will not start

We are running the software on a Linux machine but cannot get any of the services to start.  It appears to me that there are no files in the "/var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/databases/Postgres" directory though there should be a data direcotry etc, in this location.  We also have hardly any logs to look through, from searching around for help on this site most of the logs people call out to look in just simply don't exist for us.  Any ideas here?




Also, I can't easily copy and paste logs due to restrictions but here is the debug message from trying to start the nmsdbmgr service:


# /opt/OV/bin/ovstart -d -v nmsdbmgr

ovstart: connected to ovspmd on attempt 1

ovstart: sent START request to ovspmd

    (Attempting to start process 'nmsdbmgr'.)

    (Attempting to run nmsdbmgr Arg #1: nmsdbmgr Arg #2: -ovspmd )

    (Started nmsdbmgr pid 15977: nmsdbmgr nmsdbmgr -ovspmd)

    (received SIGCHLD name:nmsdbmgr pid:15977 behavior:OVs_WELL_BEHAVED status:256 (0x0100) WIFEXITED:1 WEXITSTATUS:1)




If I look in the error log "postgres.log"  I see some errors that the permissions are incorrect for the directory "/var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/databases/Postgres" which i effectively change.  Then I receive an error that PG_VERSION is missing in the same directory.  If, for fun, I create it myself I then get the error "You may need to initdb"  It seems to me that the database is not being created...but shoudln't the installer for NNM do this automagically?  Or is that wishing for too much?



UPDATE #3 (My Solution)


So after a lot of trying different things and realizing for whatever reason NNMi wasn't going to create the database properly...I switched users to "nmsdbmgr" and launched the initdb file:


# sh /opt/OV/nonOV/Postgres/bin/initdb -D /var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/databases/Postgres -U postgres


At this point the database had been recreated but now I needed to copy the configuration file.  I recommend doing a locate to ensure your "postgresql.conf" is in the same spot as mine was.  You need to copy this over like so:


# cp /opt/OV/newconfig/HPOvNnmGen/Postgres/postgresql.conf   /var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/databases/Postgres


Now its time to recreate the NNMi database:

# sh /opt/OV/nonOV/Postgres/bin/psql -U postgres -d nnm


Switch back to root at this point and you should be good.

# /opt/OV/bin/ovstart -c


Maybe this will help someone...