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NNM9.20 Application Failover

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NNM9.20 Application Failover



  I am working on the NNM9.20 and I have installed two identical NNM application on 2 servers identical (RHEL 5.4). I have configured NNM for application failover, typically I have done all the configuration related to keystore, truststore and file. All are working and both these servers have infact the same CRC value.


But, when i issue a command nnmcluster, then message comes, " Unable to lookup local hostname, cannot use loopback address "


What's an issue here ??


Both these servers are on same VMsphere, both have the hostname and entry is there in hosts file.

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Re: NNM9.20 Application Failover

Verify that localhost is configured to map to in the /etc/hosts on both systems, this may help.

Note that vSpehre 4 has not been tested with NNMi, also because vSphere is the set of services wrapped around ESX that delivers vMotion, virtualized storage, virtualize networks etc. look at and This maybe and issue.

Hope this helps.


Re: NNM9.20 Application Failover

   Thanks for your response.


Yes, I think that is the problem.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event