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NNM notification possible?

D Akomo
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NNM notification possible?

Is it possible to have NNM 6.1 (Win2K) notify a person by way of email or pager if a critical event occurs. That is, NNM out-of-the-box with no 3rd-party util or app. If possible, how? Thanks.
Berlene Herren
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Re: NNM notification possible?

You can use the Automatic Action function on the event configuration page, at the bottom.

If you click on HELP, it will give you a link to samples of automatic actions, variables.

Davide Mascolo
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Re: NNM notification possible?

using Automatic Action you can notify by e-mail any kind of event.

If you don't want to have a 3rd part software you can try to use your mail client (outlook, eudora) via command line. But I don't know if your mail client allows it.

You can try if you have a internet web based mail or download a free software as postiex ( or a shareware as mailsend ( this is the best, for me.

Mailsend is the program I'm using...

At Last, you must verify that your email-client supports command-line input for sending email..

Hope that can help you
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Armindo Guilamb
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Re: NNM notification possible?


I have tried the freeware postie, I couldn't send e-mail message with exchange server, although it has IMAP4 enabled.
I used mapisend command line, I got mapisend from BackOffice Resource Kit.
Ovactiond.lrf have to be changed because mapisend must be started with a NT domain account, will not work with System Account.

Thank you