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NNM-OM integration scheduling

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NNM-OM integration scheduling

Hi Experts,


              We have NNMi 9.20 in windows 2008 server and OMW 9 in windows 2008 server .

We have agent based integration between NNM to OMW and oMW is integrated to SM 9.20 .We need to schedule the integration between 9AM to 6 PM .

We need to monitor all nnm nodes by  24/7 and we need NNMi tickets only between 9AM to 6 PM. Currently we are doing it manually by unchecking enable-integration option in NNMi console .


Can we do it automatically ?PLZ suggest



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Re: NNM-OM integration scheduling


As far as I know, no currently supported version of NNMi can do this from within its array of options offered.

However, extra-NNMi ideas (and I am just thinking out loud) like a cron-job/scheduler that enables/disables the agent/agent-services could be explored.

This can go in as an enhancement request, for which, please log a support case with "product enhancement request" in the case category.

My two cents.

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Re: NNM-OM integration scheduling

Why not just configure a scheduled outage on OMW? That way NNMi will still display current network status, but OMW won't create any tickets in Service Manager.

This is standard OMW functionality.
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Re: NNM-OM integration scheduling

Hi ,


         Thanks for the response . In OMW we need to monitor NNM server as managed Node by 24/7 . We just need to avoid the incidents by Network devices managed by NNM server . And we dont need to acknowledge or delete incidents of NNM managed devices. It should not be altered .


Is it possible to put NNM extrenal node in OMW for outage between 6PM to 9AM, and kepping incidents in NNM console as its original state  ?


When i select for outage for any node it will give option like "delete/Acknowledge " for alerts .

If i select any option, status of NNM incidents in NNM console  will be changed ?




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Re: NNM-OM integration scheduling


I think there are two option which i can suggest

1)Create schedular policy to enable/disable nnm node between 9 to 6.

2)create schedular policy to disable nnm-om integration policy so that those alerts will not be matched on omw console and can be filtered.

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Re: NNM-OM integration scheduling



If OMW and SM is integrated with SCAuto, I suggest you block incident generation between 6 PM to 9 AM in SCAuto Scripts.


Since I do not work in OMW, if you can get directory listing of SCAuto folder in OMW, I can suggest you few ideas.