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NNM Node Status Codes

Edward Fultz
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NNM Node Status Codes

I am playing around with the postgres database querying using pgadmin.  One thing I am trying to do is pull the list of node devices and their current status.  One thing I found was nms_node_stat which has the column prev_stat_integer and cur_stat_integer - does anyone know where I might find the definition of those values?  Meaning what does a status of 5 mean?  Or 7, etc.


Also, what I really want it not just the status but the description of the error.  When I go into NNMi it shows me "minor due to some error at some time".  I am trying to pull this out so that I may build a report to be sent to the owner of the devices letting them know they have outstanding problems that need to be resolved.


Would anyone know the table(s) that would give me that kind of information.  The standard extract only tells me whether it is minor, major, normal, etc. status but doesn't give me the error message(s) associated with the node.

Dave Young
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Re: NNM Node Status Codes



 The values are


  0 : No Status

  1 : Normal

  2 : Disabled

  3 : Unknown

  4 : Warning

  5 : Minor

  6 : Major

  7 : Critical


 Unfortunately the schema is not documented so you need to hunt around.  I wrote a script using \dt  to get a list of all the tables and then \d <table>  to get the column and dependency information.   This can then help you dig around to get the information you want to use.    You might want to start with the nms_node_concl table which looks promising.


  However please be aware of the KCS document KM00591311.   This is stating the limitations of DB access and the care you need to take.


  All the best


Dave Y

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