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NNM Custom poller question

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NNM Custom poller question

NNM 9.11.005 in HP Unix


If we create a custom poller in NNM 9.11.005, I am seeing the custom poller only polls only one instance of the device instead of polling all instances of the device.


In NNM 9.20 or above, I am seeing custom poller polls multiple instances of a device.


Is it possible to incorporate the same functionality in 9.11 series by installing latest patch or fixes.


Please advise.

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Re: NNM Custom poller question



I assume you already checked the Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Poller, in case you need it please refer to page 6  - "Setting Up a Custom Poll" 

See Figure 8: Custom Poller Collection: New MIB Expression
Is this what you are referring to when you say Multiple Instance?


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Re: NNM Custom poller question

Hello Roberto


Yes, this is what I am referring to multiple instance. 


Please find the attached custom-poller I had defined where I had specified the MIB filter. 


When I run following command to query the MIB filter object, I am getting 2 output, but when custom poller is running it is not querying both, but queries only one, in this case it queries only


nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -c xxxxx bgpPeerRemoteAddr
bgpPeerTable.bgpPeerEntry.bgpPeerRemoteAddr. : IpAddress:
bgpPeerTable.bgpPeerEntry.bgpPeerRemoteAddr. : IpAddress:


That is the reason I was asking whether NNM 9.11.005 supports querying multiple objects of MIB Filter variable defined.


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Re: NNM Custom poller question



This was solved by specifying MIB Filter in Custom Pollery policy as,




and it queries the IP addresses which starts with 123.22 and reports on them.


Suppose if I want to query the IP address which starts with subnet




and ends with




how can I specify MIB Filter value in Custom Poller policy.


Please help.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event