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Monitoring the Error Rates - Input and output

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Monitoring the Error Rates - Input and output

Hi All,


I have created 2 custom poller configurations for Inout and output error rate respectively. Both the collectiosns have different Custom policies created and for threshold >= 1 state mapping is warning , which i suppose means that if the custom collections go beyond the thershold specified it will generate a warning incident based on the CustomPollWarning incident configuration.


My question is that both the collections are for a single node group and i have to enrich both the collections to send the notification, So enriching the customPollWarning management event with that NODE GROUP is enough or should i take something else into consideration?

Dave Young
HPE Expert

Re: Monitoring the Error Rates - Input and output

Hi there,


  What you have documented here sounds like it will work for you.  The one thing you may need to do, because there is only the one CustomPollWarning incident for _all_ custom polled policies, is to check the cia that documents the custom poll collection and then enrich based on this check.  If you are able to make the enrichment generic for all your collections then this step won't be needed.


  All the best


Dave Y

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