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Managing duplicate IP Subnets - Service Provider

Allen Underdown
New Member.

Managing duplicate IP Subnets - Service Provider

We are a Network Management Service provider, and it
has become apparent that we will need to start managing
customer networks with duplicate IP subnets - particularly RFC1918 addresses,
in addition to managing
VPN tunnels.

Is there a method of installing a "proxy" poller that
will report back to a centralized management station
that we can place in the customer's network, or here
that will segment customers networks. The added twist
is that we today are using OPENVIEW NNM to populate Desktalk TREND and will be
migrating to Concorde in the near future.

Any ideas appreciated!
Jose Ibarra
Respected Contributor.

Re: Managing duplicate IP Subnets - Service Provider


NNM was not designed to manage duplicate ip addresses for discovered nodes. What some
vendors have done is to utilize address translation features of their firewalls to provide a unique IPs viewable to the NNM management station.

This solution, however, creates a problem for snmp polling of the managed nodes since snmp will report a different ip address than ip reports from the firewall.

You will need to disable snmp access to those nodes, but you will still be able to view node status via ip polling (node up/node down status). This provides
visibility to VPN at a loss of snmp based features of NNM for the VPN networks.