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MIB Slowness

Wilson Figueroa
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MIB Slowness

Hello Group,

I am new here so and in using HpOpenView so please take pity.

I have installed HPOV on a PC and have disabled all auto discovery as I am just
interested in using it for MIB testing.

I have loaded a private MIB for the product I work with.

Anytime I use the Tools:SNMP MIB Browser, to browse a MIB, it takes
approximately 60 seconds to "start query" and get a return back.

Other tools I use to query return results much faster. I have gone through
the help documentation and could find no reason as to why this is happening.

Does anyone know why MIB browsing is so slow and know of any way to speed it
up. Or, is this the way it is for such a large application with all of its

Thank you for any inputs.


Wilson (
Berlene Herren_
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Re: MIB Slowness

Usually this is indicative of name resolution. Are you able to resolve both by
IP and hostname?