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Locating OVsnmp.h for Compilation on HPUX

Craig C Lee

Locating OVsnmp.h for Compilation on HPUX



Where can I get OVsnmp.h? We are HP EMAP Silver partners, and have several versions of HPOM, and NNMi available, unfortunately, none that are old enough.


We are recently tasked with compiling a HPOM8 customization for HPUX. 


Upon trying to compile, I'm getting OVsnmp.h not found.


I have HPOM 9 and NNMi 9.0 installed but OVsnmp.h is not included with those. 



Dave Young
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Locating OVsnmp.h for Compilation on HPUX



  This include file is part of the older classic NNM product i.e. versions upto and including 7.53. 


  I have attached the /opt/OV/include/OV/*.h files from my 7.53 system.   Hopefully these will help you out.


  Please note that these older versions of NNM are now out of support.


  All the best


Dave Y.

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