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JRE.EXE takes 100% processor (NNM.61)

Boban Miskic
New Member.

JRE.EXE takes 100% processor (NNM.61)

Is anyone else experiencing jre.exe pegging the processors to 100% for VERY
long periods. I'm running v6.1. The only current solution is to reboot and
everything returns back to normal. I can't find any references to patches or
otherwise on the HP site.

Berlene Herren_
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: JRE.EXE takes 100% processor (NNM.61)

Boban, what version JRE are you running
(#java version)?

For the latest, please see this web site:

Jack Westhoff_1

Re: JRE.EXE takes 100% processor (NNM.61)

I have a customer whit the same problem, and the only way a this moment i
reinit database on CiscoWorks2000 product.

JRE.EXE i a process to CiscoWorks 2000

I belive you use NNM 6.1 for NT and CiscoWorks2000 on the same platform.
It seems to have a regular freques about every 30 sec i have a peek at about 70
% cpu usage.

Andrew Wilson
Super Contributor.

Re: JRE.EXE takes 100% processor (NNM.61)

I have this same problem with a customer, has anyone got any advise.....