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IE9 and NNM Topology maps

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IE9 and NNM Topology maps

Upon viewing topology maps on IE9, they appear in blank, with no node in them. 

Viewing it in Firefox displays correctly.

Do you know if updating the NNM software would fix this issue?


NNM Version 9.10,9.11.002,9.11.004


Thanks for the support.

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Re: IE9 and NNM Topology maps



This is a known issue when using an unsupported browser version such as IE 9 on NNMi 9.1.  If you wish to use IE 9 then you will need to updgrade to NNMi 9.2.  Here is the section from the NNMi 9.1 Support Matrix:





The following browsers are not supported:


o Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 Internet Explorer 9 (RC) has many known issues, including non-functioning menus, no map display, and table columns cannot be selected


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 when running in Compatibility View mode


Be sure to disable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8 using Tools Compatibility View Settings (clear all check boxes).


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7


Internet Explorer 7 (or Internet Explorer 8 in Compatibility View mode) has many known issues, including many layout issues, no ability to close the Help System Information window, and inability to change selections for CSV export.


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6


Apple Safari (all versions)


Opera (all versions)


Google™Chrome (all versions)

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Re: IE9 and NNM Topology maps

Really thanks for the support.