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I am baffled

Andrew Mabe

I am baffled

Here is the problem. I want to only allow the group NetworkAdmin to view any of the
menus in the launcher. I have edited the htgoup file, and added this statement in
the /registration/C/launcher/* files Access NetworkAdmin;
I stopped and restarted ovstop/ovstart to get the files to be read. The problem
is when I log in with any other login/group, I still see the menus and options.

I have read both the manual and the Creating and using reg. files online docs.

Am I doing something wrong? I have followed the docs but still get no changes...

alberto vasquez
Respected Contributor.

Re: I am baffled

I hope I read this correctly.

You cannot use the USER ROLES functionality like this. User Roles are specifically aimed for use with the launcher program
ovlaunch.exe and control the "view" which is created in the launcher window when the registration files are parsed by ovlaunchreg.exe.
You have modified a registration file belonging to jovw itself. jovw (Network Presenter) has no concept of user roles and so this fails to affect the view in the Network Presenter screen.

Andrew Mabe

Re: I am baffled

Ok, I think I follow. So, my question is revised.

How do I limit every piece of functionality from the web access
that I give? I want to have no access to mibs, reports, alarms, etc..

Thank you