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How to set the severity of many OID ?

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How to set the severity of many OID ?

In HP NNMi9.20, register vendor original MIB to NNMi, and are in the state where SNMPTrap is receivable.

Registration of vendor original MIB will register all the severity of each OID as "normal."


At this time, I access a management screen from a web browser, and the severity of each OID can be changed from a setup of "Incident Setting>SNMPTRAP Setting"(*1).


But if in a large system(OID is 1000 or more),will not there the only way to set up one by one manually?
I'm in trouble if there is no know-how at this time.

The maintenance company said there is no other to implement manually from GUI.
But,it is hard to operate very slow GUI.

And how do you have set, the severity of the large amount of OID?


*1 I saw the Japanese version of GUI.

I'm sorry in English that is hard to read,and please answer in simple English.

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Re: How to set the severity of many OID ?

Yes , it is not hard you just need to know where to look.



nnmincidentcfg.format — file containing incident configurations that can be loaded into the NNMi database. This file format is created by nnmincidentcfgdump.ovpl and loaded into the database by nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl


Pardon the machine translation





nnmincidentcfg.format - ファイルNNMiのデータベースにロードすることができるインシデントの設定を含むこのファイル形式はnnmincidentcfgdump.ovplによって作成され、nnmincidentcfgload.ovplによってデータベースにロードさ

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Re: How to set the severity of many OID ?

Thank you for the quick reply!
It is verifying.