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How to improve performance of NNMi

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How to improve performance of NNMi

Hi all,


we installed 9.10 NNM in client place . Were it is having 64 GB ram and 32 core processor.

But still i am facing performance issue in NNMi ... while access NNM


NNM is installed with iSPI performance metrics and Traffic iSPI in standalone machine.


please help on this






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Re: How to improve performance of NNMi

Well theres a bit more information we'd need to make a more accurate guess:


(Help->system information, state poller tab)


How many nodes are in the inventory

How many managed interfaces

average polling interval


and from the Server tab:


NNMs Free / Allocated Memory (% Free):  (your values here)
    (if this percentage is frequently less than 8%, increase ‑Xmx for improved performance)
NNMs Maximum Attemptable Memory:  (your values here)

Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp,  CISSP

Re: How to improve performance of NNMi




The installation of all three products you mention on the same server would only be recommended for a demo environment, not production.

If this type of dedciated one server environment is required for your customer, ,there may be some possible tuning you can do. Please download and review the support matrices for each product as these will contain all our recommendations for best application performance. I have included some here, but you should visit our portal for the latest documentation.

HP Support
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Bharath M R
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Re: How to improve performance of NNMi

Hi Vijay,


         !!!!! Its not at all recommended, i think no performance tuning techniques will help you.


Traffic iSPI eats everything !!

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Re: How to improve performance of NNMi

thank you bharath
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event