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How to forward custom CIA to OM?

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How to forward custom CIA to OM?

Hello Folk,


I have a customer confirmed that all CIAs from NNMi does get forwarded to OM as a single varbind value, eg. below


High Input Utilization event from NNMi contains the following varbind value on the 20th position:


[20] . (OctetString): com.hp.ov.nms.apa.symptom=IfOutUtilStateHigh,cia.thresholdParameter=outUtilizationState,cia.thresholdUpperBound=100,cia.thresholdLowerBound=80,cia.thresholdPreviousValue=NOMINAL,cia.thresholdMeasuredValue=94.75170588587841,cia.thresholdCurrentValue=HIGH,cia.thresholdMeasurementTime=2012-03-21T03:18:51.280-0400


This is out-of-the-box NNMi management event,


But we noticed that the varbind position for this CIA is not consistent, different incident/trap might have different position for this CIA so it’s almost impossible to match the this value in OM. Is there any way it can be fixed to a single position for all traps coming from NNMi? 


Anyidea ? Thank you.


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Re: How to forward custom CIA to OM?



Assuming this is OM agent based integration.


For NNMi management events like NodeDown, InterfaceDown, the varbind positions should always be the same. You can check out the OM policy file resulting from the command (see example below)


nnmopcexport.ovpl -template "NNMi Management Events" -application "NNMi" -file NNMi_policy.dat


The problem you will find is for SNMP traps. In the case of SNMP traps, the order of the NNMi-specific varbinds will change depending on the quantity of varbinds (say n varbinds) that the original trap contains, because NNMi always forwards the SNMP trap with the original list of varbinds first and then it adds the NNMi specific CIAs starting in the position n + 1. The varbind you refer to in this post is a NNMi specific CIA.


So, if you're interested in checking this varbind for management events only then you should be fine. If you're interested in SNMP traps then the policy file already matches a variety of varbinds as you can see below. But if you need to check against what's in that varbind specifically (Position 20 for management events and position n+20 in SNMP traps) then the only suggestions I have right now are


1) Submit an ER requesting that the nnmopcexport.ovpl automatically adds another entry in the policy of the following form

CUSTOM   "nnm.apa.conclusions  "<$position>"

2) Or you manually edit the policy file and add the entry in all SNMP traps right before Example for SNMPLinkDown trap below


CUSTOM   "nnm.emittingNode.uuid"  "<$25>"

CUSTOM   ""  "<$24>"

CUSTOM   "nnm.apa.conclusions  "<$23>"


Below its an example of the NodeDown management event definition from the policy file, the order of varbinds for all Management Events should be the same.


# from EVENT NodeDown . "Fault" Critical
                DESCRIPTION "NodeDown"
                CONDITION_ID "784781aa-7f02-4553-9f24-1882b0cf0fe7"
                        $e "."
                        $G 6
                        $S 32
                        $2 "^<@.nnmiprotocol>://<@.nnmiserver>:<@.nnmiport>/nnm$"
                        SEVERITY Critical
                        NODE     IP "<$21>"
                        OBJECT   "<$25>"
                        MSGKEY   "<$6>:Create"
                        MSGKEYRELATION ACK "^<$6>:<*>$" ICASE
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.incident.uuid"  "<$6>"
                        CUSTOM   ""  "<nnmiserver>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.server.port"  "<nnmiport>"
                        CUSTOM   ""  "<$5>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.priority"  "<$13>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.assignedTo"  "<$19>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.category"  "<$7>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.origin"  "<$9>"
                        CUSTOM   ""  "<$25>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.source.uuid"  "<$27>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.source.type"  "<$26>"
                        CUSTOM   "nnm.emittingNode.uuid"  "<$22>"
                        CUSTOM   ""  "<$21>"
                        CUSTOM   "OPR_CI_INFO"  "UCMDB:<$28>"
                        TEXT     "<$11>"

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Re: How to forward custom CIA to OM?



I wanted to add a custom Cia which gives the device Description(Nature of the device like PRN,CPU) and forward it to OMW.

Can you please tell me how to find the position of the Varbind and add our own custom Cia's apart from the ones provided by nnmi.



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Re: How to forward custom CIA to OM?

Hi ,


How can we forward "short DNS name"  and "Security Group Name"  as custom attribute? I mean couldn't find anything like "" or "nnm.priority".



Please suggest.


Akhilesh B.K.