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How to discover an HP iLO as an SNMP device

Graham Van der
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How to discover an HP iLO as an SNMP device



This may not be the forum for this question but I hope that NNMi admins may have had experience monitoring iLO's. It seems that iLO's use pass through SNMP in order to fascilitate the SNMP management of its back end servers.  In the configuration of the iLO there is no specific SNMP config to SNMP manage the dedicated iLO NIC IP address.

If I wish to SNMP monitor this specific address via NNMi how do I go about doing this?


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Re: How to discover an HP iLO as an SNMP device

Hello  Graham , 


this is the right fourm for that , 


Regarding HP ILO interfaces , it can be monitored through NNM , what you can do is that to configure the Servers which are having ILO interfaces , configure them with SNMP configuration and NNM should deiscover the ILO interface as interface in the node itself , i have experiance with that with linux and windows servers that are having ilo interfaces and was easy to manage them , even you will get all the info like ip address of these interfaces  

Mostafa Hassan
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