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Hardware requirement for NNM

Hao Zhong_1
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Hardware requirement for NNM

Berlene, seems like you are the 'MASTER' of this forum, so maybe it's better
for me to ask you directly:) And I have more than one questions.

We are currently running NNM 6.01 on a HP 9000 K370 server with 2 200M HZ CPUs
and half giga RAM. There are about 1,650 nodes in the map. They belong to
multiple customers.

Most of the time, our NNM runs ok, but sometimes it drops some status polls,
for example, some nodes go down in the map, and as soon as I manually ping
them, they come right back up.

When I check the network polling performance, the 'seconds until next status
poll' is almost always between 1s - 4s. It does drop to negative value
sometime, but very rarely. We are not polling any MIB variable for most of the
nodes. Status poll (polling interval is 5m) is pretty much all we do. When I
use 'top' to keep tracking the system load, the CPU utilization is usually less
than 10%, and no more than 50% when netmon runs. And there is also a lot of
free memory available.

As the manual says, 2,000-2,500 nodes is usually the maximum that a stand alone
NNM management station can afford. I am wondering why our NNM misses status
poll once in a while with less than 1,700 nodes. Is there any kernal parameter
or anything at all that I can adjust to make it more efficient?

Also, we are planning to set up collection stations and put them on our
customers' side. For a network with 300-500 nodes, 5m status polling interval,
what kind of hardware should I use for the collection station? What if we are
going to poll 4 to 5 MIB variables for all the nodes with a 10m polling

Do we need a separate license for each collection station? Currently, we have
two enterprise licenses.

And the last question, as someone asked, is it possible to copy or export the
OpenView object and topology database from one management station to another?

I really appreciate your answer!!

Berlene Herren_
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Re: Hardware requirement for NNM

Hello Hao Zhong,

I would be hard put to give you a specific reason why NNM is dropping the ball
on status polls, especially without knowing very much about the nodes you are
monitoring and your infrastructure. And as for hardware recommendations,
alas, again I fail. Your best source of information would be to use the
planning sheets in Performance and Configuration manual and then talking with
an HP sales rep.

You will need separate licenses for each station (they are ovkey, tied to the
IP address). And it is possible to copy/export the database from one
management station to another, as long as they are the same OS.