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HPOV NNMI 9.22 : traps don't appear on "Network Overview" node

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HPOV NNMI 9.22 : traps don't appear on "Network Overview" node

Hello Everybody
I hope you're fine

I submit you the following problem.
I installed NMMi 9.20 on Redhat 5.6 ( Tikanga )
Installation is OK.

I loaded 3 MIBs provided by vendors.( Tools > Load/Unload MIBS )
Traps have been loaded.
Message of System  
The following traps were already configured and have been updated:
alarmListReBuild - .
alarmCleared - .
alarmChanged - .
alarmNew - .
Traps have been enabled ( Configuration > Incidents >SNMP Trap Configurations )

I performed successfully a test with nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl to issue a "basic" Trap.

Node have been configured.
"Configuration Poll" is OK.
"Communication settings" shows that everythink is OK ( Active SNMP Agent, SNMPv1 used, ports 161,162  etc ... )

Thanks to tcpdump on its interface, I can see that my Server receive several traps from the managed node. 
Example of received trap  :
User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: snmp (161), Dst Port: snmptrap (162)
Simple Network Management Protocol
    version: version-1 (0)
    community: public
    data: trap (4)
            enterprise: (iso.
            agent-addr: (
            generic-trap: enterpriseSpecific (6)
            specific-trap: 3
            time-stamp: 2079863314
            variable-bindings: 8 items
=> that indicate an "alarmCleared" trap. ( alarmCleared : . )
Problem :
Without interruption, Server receive flood of alarms from the Node.            
Unfortunately, no trap appareared on the node. ( Network Overview > the Node > Incidents window )
It looks like that traps are not distributed on node.

Questions :
Have you an idea please ?
How NNMi deal with received traps ? ( have we got any logs ??? )

Many thanks for your help

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Re: HPOV NNMI 9.22 : traps don't appear on "Network Overview" node

Two things you could look at:
* Incident Browsing -> SNMP Traps - do you see your traps received here?
* Check out the nnmtrapdump.ovpl utility, to see more about received traps, and how they were handled.
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Re: HPOV NNMI 9.22 : traps don't appear on "Network Overview" node

Hi all

 Thanks for your help

In fact, problem is due to system configuration.

A firewall have been implemented.

When you perfom iptables -L , you can list implemented rules.
In my case, snmp was not authorized.

We removed the tables thanks to iptables -X and now HPOV works well

See you soon :)