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HP SHA DC Collector ON NPS Server

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HP SHA DC Collector ON NPS Server


Hi All,


I have the SHA Server alongwith the HP BSM 9.20. I have installed the HP SHA DC on the NPS server ( Linux Machine ). I have performed the following steps such as

1. DB Creation for the Analytics DB in the BSM.

2. The script generate_create_script.bat  has been executed with the proper options.

3. This script has then been executed after connecting to the DB.

4. In this steps, I am trying to give the DB details to the HP SHA and Here I am in the confused state. When I run the script, do I need to enter the BSM Management DB details in the window attached or the Analytics DB that I have created in the Step 1.

IF I give the Analytics DB details ( created in Step 1 ) it throws me the error. The error snapshot has been attached.


Please help me on this





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Re: HP SHA DC Collector ON NPS Server

Hi All,


This has been resolved.


The BSM Management DB details need to be provided in the configuration.