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HP Openview NNM 250 7.01 (WIN 2K) installation (continue...)

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HP Openview NNM 250 7.01 (WIN 2K) installation (continue...)

Dear all,


As the subject mentioned, in November 2005 I installed HP Openview NNM 250 NP 7.5 Windows LTU along with NOKIANMS/10 SF C 6.1,1 System Frame on PC under Windows 2000 Profesional Platform for PT Indonesia Comnet Plus as a network provider in Indonesia.I understand that the permanent password we purchased in that time is limitted for one user only for IP Address Followings are information regarding the software product :

HP Order Number : 91BZ41587003

Product Number : T2486BA

Password : Y8RV E792 MJX5 TS7L K3R3 GFV8 ABBY MQKA "91BZ41587003"


Due to unpredictable damage of the PC after more less seven years under operation, We want to replace the operating PC with the new one. In this case I have to install HP Openview on this new hardware and I have been doing this already this week But then The problem arised, as guided by Nokia NMS/10 manual, installation of HP Open view must be carried out first and then afterward installation of Nokia NMS/10 System Frame on the new PC. When I installed HP Open view with such password, everything went alright and so does Nokis NMS/10 by means of transfer license from the old to the new PC. Unfortunately I give host IP address of the PC is which is diffrenet from IP address already have from HP Then I could not proceed to the next step at this point as an error arise. The eror found is look like there is already another PC running NNM (1 is already in use). Then I tried to reinstall from the scracht again but it come up with the same error at the end. 

My question is that the eror has something to with diffrent host IP address I assigned ? Hopefully, a representative from HP or any body else can help me to solve the proble. Thank you in very much.


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Dave Young
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Re: HP Openview NNM 250 7.01 (WIN 2K) installation (continue...)



  This version of NNM is both very old and now out of support.


  However, the license you received originally is based on the IP address, therefore your new system will need to have this IP address on it in order for the license to be activated.


  As for installation, you should be able to install NNM and then have a 60 day instant on license.  So there is no need to immediately install the license.


  I hope this helps


  all the best


Dave Y

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