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HP NNMi application failover and integration with OMW

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HP NNMi application failover and integration with OMW

Hi all,


We are planning for NNMi 9.2x application failover on RHEL.


we are going to integrate NNMi with OMW, and here I got few queries on integration part,


 1) NNMi will be integrated with OMW for event integration, how will integration work when primary NNMi fails and operations are take care by secondary NNMi, as in NNMi-OMW integration , we will be giving IP address of Primary OMW.


2)  Will the integration fails when NNMi primary fails, OR it sends alert to OMW from secondary NNMi as well( please clarify how will it work in this case)


3) Now what if primary OMW goes down and secondary comes up, in this case will integration fail, as NNMi (primary or secondary) will continue to send alerts to primary OMW


will be grateful if someone can answer this!!


Thanks in advance!



Dave Young
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Re: HP NNMi application failover and integration with OMW



  Let me try to answer some of these questions from an NNMi point of view.  I am presuming you will be using the Northbound integration to OM and not the Web services.  I am also presuming you are using the NNMi Application Failover Feature and not the linux cluster solution.  However the answers should be the same for both.


1) The integration configuration details are stored in the DB.  This is replicated to the standby NNMi server so when it comes up it will have the same configuraiton details and should forward in the same way.


2) The standy NNMi server should take over and forward the events to OM.


3) I am not aware of the OM application failover solutions.  If it involves keeping the same IP address then it should work just fine, if there is a new IP address then you would need to consider configuring both servers into NNMi so that it is sending the events to both machines all the time.   There is duplication here, but it means the standy OM server would still receive the incidents.


  all the best


Dave Y

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Re: HP NNMi application failover and integration with OMW

Hi Dave,


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer of all my questions.


I will check the OM side of this intgegration and we are good to go with that.


Thanks again!! :)