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Global manager topology map


Global manager topology map

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I read manual, but can't find an answer.


If I have 2-3 regional managers and one global manager server role, can I see a global topology map  from all regional servers in my global manger?


And where can I see information about a maximum number of nodes on one server? Or it depends from server configuration (proc,memory)? 

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Re: Global manager topology map

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1. Yes you can have a topology map on the global server that has nodes from the regional servers included. You may configure filters so that not all nodes are forwarded to the global manager. GNM (global networking monitoring) has specific licensing requirements. On the global server you´d have to license locally managed nodes + the forwarded nodes of the regional nodes and the global server needs to have NNMi advanced licenses


2. the hardware requirements depend on the number of managed nodes, interfaces and other components and this is documented in the support matrix. There is a sizing table for regular NNMi nodes and a GNM table for the global node: