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Filter Polling Results NNMi 9.05

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Filter Polling Results NNMi 9.05

Hi everyone


I'm polling servers with NNMi 9.0, and some windows servers rerturn 20+ interfaces


There are 2 problems with the list of interfaces:

1. In some servers all interfaces are at "Not Polled" status


2. I want to filter the list, so that only IpV4 (or pther criteria) will be returned,because it causes problems with our CMDB integration


Thanks : )

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Re: Filter Polling Results NNMi 9.05

1. No all interfaces are "connected" meaning that there is not information available that NNMI can build a logical connection between the server and another device in the inventory. You can force polling on these.



2. Easy, create a filter.

Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp,  CISSP
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Re: Filter Polling Results NNMi 9.05



I know that not all interfaces are connected, but 22 interfaces is not what I want to see as a SNMP result from a Microsoft server


Where can I crete a filter so that only the "Interfaces" tab at the nodes in the "Servers" group will be affected?

We must pay attention to the situation where the primary NIC fails, and the backup starts (teaming)



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Re: Filter Polling Results NNMi 9.05

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