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Explanation of two scripts with nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl

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Explanation of two scripts with nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl

Hello Everybody,



Can anyone explain to me what will be the output of these two scripts ?


nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl  -T -u username -p password  Sw1 mib-2     

nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl  -T -u username -p password  Sw1 mplsLsrMIB



Sw1 is not in the MPLS Backbone ! but it responds to this queries !! Is it normal ?

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Re: Explanation of two scripts with nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl



Please be more clear as to what your question is here. Please attach the full output of these commands so we can see exactly what you are getting at your end

Here is what I am seeing on my end....


[root@ov-nnmi-5 bin]# ./nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -T -u system -p Openview#1 mib-2
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii): Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 3600 Software (C3640-IK
9S-M), Version 12.3(19), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)Technical Support: (c) 1986-2006
 by cisco Systems, Inc.Compiled Thu 11-May-06 17:
. : Timeticks: (49693915) 5 days, 18:02:19.15
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii):
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii): R1
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii):
. : INTEGER: 78
. : Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
. : INTEGER: 10
. : INTEGER: 1
. : INTEGER: 2
. : INTEGER: 3
. : INTEGER: 4
. : INTEGER: 5
. : INTEGER: 6
. : INTEGER: 7
. : INTEGER: 8
. : INTEGER: 9
. : INTEGER: 10
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii): Ethernet0/0
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii): Ethernet0/1
. : OCTET STRING- (ascii): Ethernet0/2
. under the mib-2 tree

[root@ov-nnmi-500 bin]# ./nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl  -T -u system -p ****** mplsLsrMIB
No MIB objects contained under subtree. 

  -A <PASSPHRASE>: set authentication protocol passphrase
  -N <CONTEXT>: set context name (e.g. vlan1)
  -T: Print OID in dotted decimal format
  -X <PASSPHRASE>: set privacy protocol passphrase
  -a <PROTOCOL>: set authentication protocol (MD5|SHA)
  -c <community>: Community string
  -d: Dump ASN.1 packet trace
  -m <max repetitions>: SNMP GetBulk max repetitions
  -n <non repeaters>: SNMP GetBulk non repeaters
  -pa <proxy address>: Proxy Address
  -port <port>: Port on which SNMP is running
  -pp <proxy port>: Proxy Port
  -r <retries>: Maximum retransmission attempts
  -t <timeout>: Retransmission timeout (milliseconds)
  -v <version 1|2c|3>: SNMP Protocol version 1, 2c or 3
  -v3u <USER NAME>: set SNMPv3 user name (e.g. bert)
  -x <PROTOCOL>: set privacy protocol (DES|3DES|AES|AES192|AES256)
Additional Arguments
  -jndiHost <hostname>: The server jndi host; default is localhost
  -jndiPort <port>: The server jndi port; default is 1099
  -p <password>: The password of the user
  -u <username>: The username to run this command

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