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Error while loading a MIB

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Error while loading a MIB

We are getting erros when loading the MIB using  HP NNMi application (Agent version 11.13.007 on the receiver, OML version 9.10 v230 on the management server).  Please see the attached file and the below error. I can load this MIB in MIB browser. Any help appriciated.

[root@ddcvanmi01 user-snmp-mibs]# nnmloadmib.ovpl -load wfsmib.mib
Operation LoadMib failed.
Failed to load MIB modules from [/var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/wfsmib.mib]: Failed to parse MIB modules using the supplied resources - invalid MIB file format.
ERROR : Lex error at: file:///var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/wfsmib.mib : unexpected char: '/'

Showing the file:///structure:

VMWARE-AGENTCAP-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-AGENTCAP-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-ENV-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-ENV-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-OBSOLETE-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-OBSOLETE-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-PRODUCTS-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-PRODUCTS-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-RESOURCES-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-RESOURCES-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-ROOT-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-ROOT-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-SYSTEM-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-SYSTEM-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-TC-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-TC-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-VC-EVENT-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-VC-EVENT-MIB.mib)
VMWARE-VMINFO-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/VMware/VMWARE-VMINFO-MIB.mib)
VPN-TC-STD-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Standard/rfc4265-VPN-TC-STD-MIB.mib)
VRRP-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Standard/rfc2787-VRRP-MIB.mib)
WINS-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/Microsoft/wins.mib)
X-DDI-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/Nortel/x-ddi-adapter-mib)
XYLAN-BASE-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/OTHER-VENDORS/XYLAN-BASE-MIB.mib)
XYLAN-HEALTH-MIB (file:///opt/OV/misc/nnm/snmp-mibs/Vendor/OTHER-VENDORS/XYLAN-HEALTH-MIB.mib) ]


Re: Error while loading a MIB

Hello ,


You need to first resolve the syntax error by editing the mib file and then try uploading mibs to NNMi server.

 In your case, try to find and remove "/" which the program is complaining about and try the upload. Before editing mib file , ensure you have taken a copy of it.



Gopinath Manickam

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Gopinath Manickam

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Re: Error while loading a MIB

You can also use MIB-Browser share-ware tool to load the MIB after the editing to look out for errors.


As gopi pointed out, remove the char and try to load the MIB in any MIB browser tool to look for additional errors before loading in NNMi.

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Re: Error while loading a MIB



I think the problem is that the mib contains an extended character, normally a local language character that is encoded in more than one byte. The trick to finding it ( them ) is to use a tool to convert the MIB file contents into a printable ascii format.  In this way the extended characters will be seen displayed as their hex codes and not the symbol ( which may be hard to spot in an editor ).   On unix there is a tool called "vis" ( short for "visible" ).   For MS Windows the cygwin utilities has "hexedit".  There will also be others.  The requirement is to be able to view the MIB file's contents in ascii-7 characters. 


Hope this helps,

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Re: Error while loading a MIB

I have problem flow when I upload Nokia-IPSO-System-Mib.mib Mib file to NNMi9.20:
C:\Users\hieuhv\Desktop>nnmloadmib.ovpl -load NOKIA-IPSO-SYSTEM-MIB.mib
Operation LoadMib failed.
Failed to load MIB modules from [C:\Users\hieuhv\Desktop\NOKIA-IPSO-SYSTEM-MIB.m
ib]: Failed to parse MIB modules using the supplied resources – invalid MIB file
ERROR file:///C:/Users/hieuhv/Desktop/NOKIA-IPSO-SYSTEM-MIB.mib:Line 976:Column
9: Parse error: expecting LOWER, found ‘NoOfDaysToExpire’
Help me please !

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event