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Error loading a MIB file

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Error loading a MIB file



I am receiving the following error loading a mib file


# nnmloadmib.ovpl -load ACD-VSET-MIB.mib

Operation LoadMib failed.

Failed to load MIB modules from [/var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/AccedianNetworks_MIBS_6.3.1_32477/ACD-VSET-MIB.mib]: Problems were reported during parsing, unable to load requested MIBs.

ERROR : Cannot find symbol file:///var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/AccedianNetworks_MIBS_6.3.1_32477/ACD-VSET-MIB.mib:Line 229:Column 19:none


Do you know what can be the reason





Dave Young
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Error loading a MIB file



  There is a pretty comprehensive document on MIB loader issues at:


  basically the error is reporting that on line 229 of the MIB file there is a reference to "none" which the loader does not understand or can not resolve.   Check out what is being defined on this line and this should provide the clue as to how to solve it.


  If you can't figure it out then please attach the MIB file to a post along with any MIBs this one includes and I can take a quick look for you.


  All the best


Dave Y

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