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ECS Configuration Failure

John Heard
Occasional Contributor

ECS Configuration Failure

When I run the HP OV web interface & select anything that uses java applets (Such as ECS configuration) I get a "Connection to the server failed" error message.

This does not happen on a stand alone testbed system that I have.
I presume the error has something to do with the security policies & permissions used in the operational network?

Any help would be most useful as I am unable to configure the ECS as I require.

Is there another way to configure the ECS other than via the web interface?
Make sure you have a good one!
Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Re: ECS Configuration Failure

John, what version web browser are you running? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

1. /var/opt/OV/log/httpd_error_log
2. permissions of /opt/OV/www/htdocs
Verify that $OV_CONF/ovw.auth has the following:
deneb + (should be your hostname)

1. The httpd server must be running on the same box that's running the ovw session, or a management console.
2. The nslookup command must return the hostname and be able to do a reverse lookup of the IP address of the system that's running the httpd daemon and ovw.

And I don't think ECS is configurable from the command line. You can see what #ecsmgr can do from the command line.
John Heard
Occasional Contributor

Re: ECS Configuration Failure


I am using IE4.
OV 6.01 is running on NT4
1. No logs generated, they are probably switched of in the ECS config !!
2. ovw.auth is OK
3. IIS 4 is being used as the web server.

ecsmgr doesn't help, it just looks at the ECS set-up & does not allow any config.
The config files are in %OV_CONF%ecscircuits.
The files must not be edited as all changes will be lost (note at the top of the files).
Must be changed through ECS config.

Any ideas ?
Make sure you have a good one!
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