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Does NNMi cache DNS info

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Does NNMi cache DNS info

Hello.  I am on NNMi 9.10 on Windows 200r2.  I use a seed file for my devices and use a DNS server.  I'm wondering if NNMi has a cache somewhere in it which keeps old DNS information.  For example; I change the IP of a device in the DNS file and delete the object from the db, and load the seed (after deleting the old seed entry as well).  I'm getting a "DNS error" when trying to create the new object.  If I wait until the next day, and create the seed entry then, NNMi will create the node just fine. 


So I'm wondering if that old DNS info is retained somewhere in the app, if so, does anyone know how to clear it out?



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Re: Does NNMi cache DNS info

Hello Imkimmy



How are you doing, I hope everything on your end is going well.You can clear your NNM-i DNS cache looking by following these steps:


Acces this URL  using your NNM Fully Domain Name.





2-This will you request your system  user and pass.



3- Find the method called  "Clear all caches" and  clear the  NNM DNS cache .





Hope this information was helpful!


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