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Deleting all Seeds

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Darryl Ho_1
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Deleting all Seeds

Hi all,


I would like to know if there any command that i can delete all seeds in on go? rather than selecting from the gui. thanks

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Re: Deleting all Seeds

Hi Darryl,


There is a command in NNMi to delete a seed... i.e single seed using nnmseeddelete.ovpl

nnmseeddelete.ovpl — Remove seed from the NNM topology database


Unfortunately this command does not have option to specify for all seeds. Probably you might need to do what I did to delete some 300+ seeds ( we  dont use auto discovery ) from our NNMi production server...


From NNMi shell, execute :

for node in `cat /tmp/seeds.txt`; do /opt/OV/bin/nnmseeddelete.ovpl -seed $node -u NNMiadminUserName -p NNMiadminPassword; done



/tmp/seeds.txt - list of seeds ( one seed per line ) to be deleted.


Hope you get better answer.

Best Regards,
Gopinath Manickam

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Darryl Ho_1
Honored Contributor.

Re: Deleting all Seeds

Hi Gopi,


Yea i also notice that the nnmseeddelete command only can remove one seed at a time. Anyway your idea is great. Thanks for sharing