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DNS troubleshooting for 9.10 version.

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DNS troubleshooting for 9.10 version.

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-There are some scenarios when  addresses are not resolving to correct namesin NNMi. There are some configuration checks that will help to find out the root cause of the issue.  


1-Please check if DNS is resolving fine from an Operating System prospective.


  • Check using the nslookup command.


2-Please adjust the desire Node Name Resolution  configuration in NNMi .


This will help to know what you can expect  NNMi to  add the hostname  as Node Name Resolution.


-This can be  found under Configuration ->Discovery.




3-NNMi contains his own DNS cache, you can check if the Name Resolution from the NNMi prospective is working properly.



a-Access the following URL to invoke the get hostname method using the Fully qualified Domain Name.





b- Add the IP address in the ParamValue and click on Invoke.






c-This will report the hostname associated to that IP  in the NNMi DNS cache.



d- If the name is not resolving to an old DNS name previously configured and not the expected one you can clear the NNMi  DNS cache.



  • Access the following URL to invoke “Clear All Caches ()” method.






  • Invoke  the method “clearAllCaches ()”



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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event