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Custom Event Co-relation in NNMi 9.23

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Custom Event Co-relation in NNMi 9.23



We've experienced issues in topology based co-relation of NNMi. During any outage it throws a flood of alert which is actually tough to handle. Also all alerts appear as Root Cause alerts hence it is impossible to identify the root cause of the issue.


Can we create a custom co-relation rule or design some dependancy matrix which says that device A,B,C,D,E are dependant on device X and Y for SNMP polling. If during any outage X and Y getting down than it will suppress all dependant devices alerts.






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Re: Custom Event Co-relation in NNMi 9.23


NNMi can only work as well as the network it is monitoring is designed.  If you've got something that approaches a full mesh  to most of the network, no NMS is going to be able to make much sense of the resulting flood of path changes.



You can create a causality matrix using a custom correlation->Causal rule

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