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Creating containers for objects in NNM 6.1

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Steve Shoopak
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Creating containers for objects in NNM 6.1

Here's my dilemma: I'm trying to organize a map by department and below that by functional group for the nodes being monitored. I tried creating a container, and pasting into it, but it appeared to remain unmannaged; however, when I put them into a location container at the Internet level, they seemed to work, but they were stuck in what looked like the user plane.

Perhaps I've been staring at this too long, but anyone have any ideas about how to implement logical functional compartmentalization in NNM?

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Re: Creating containers for objects in NNM 6.1

I have found that the compartmentalisation works best on a network basis. This is because it is a NETWORK Node Manager.

For instance - if the nodes in sales are on the 123.456.1 network and the nodes in accounts are on the 123.456.2 then you can move the Sales network into a sales container then ditto with the accounts network.

However! If the network are not seperate then you must leave the origonal networks intact and copy each node into the sales and accounts containers. The copied nodes remain on the user plain but they are grouped. I have done this with a number of groups of nodes but the origonals are still with their origonal networks.

Vladislav Demid
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Re: Creating containers for objects in NNM 6.1

There is special group of simbol "Location"
You may use them on "Internet" Submap to organize logical structure of your view.
Just cut symbols from internet submap and paste them in new containers.