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Cisco Redundant Routers - Critical State

Anonymous Cowar
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Cisco Redundant Routers - Critical State

I have two Cisco routers which are set up to be load sharing and redundant.

One of these routers has one if that refuses to come out of critical status. It is up and runing normally, but I still cannot get it to status normal.

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Pericles Lavent
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Re: Cisco Redundant Routers - Critical State

This router does not appear to be managed by your NNM workstation. There are a
couple of ways to make that determination. You may have already tried polling, but
open a terminal windown and execute a " traceroute ip-address" to that router or any of the interface s that you see down. The response from the trace route should convey the path to your NNM workstation. If you get asteriks that implies that the router
is not configured for management by the NNM.
You can also telnet to the router, and try an extended ping with a trace option from the cisco router.
e.g. try " ping " this will prompt you for various responses including the IP address and a positive response to an extended ping request. there's a "r" for record option at the end of the ping script that will record the actual path to the destination device.
If everything fails, advise your network engineer to do the above steps for you..

good luck