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Cabletron Switches Disappear

Dennis Latulip
Acclaimed Contributor

Cabletron Switches Disappear

Unable to add cabletron switches to my current map. I can add them manually
and when I do a poll on them they will disappear. I can do a search for the IP
assigned to them. A node map will appear with the ports on them. Just like
drilling down into any other switch. But the main Icon is gone. This map is
also not listed on my submap list. I added the Sys object ID to the OID_SYM
and OID_TYPE files and ran topofix. Still no luck. Cabletron says it's a
problem with HP... Doubt it..........

NNM 6.1 on NT

M. kal Siddiqi
Occasional Advisor

Re: Cabletron Switches Disappear

Try adding them in manually within the Hosts file


then run the command from the dos prompt

loadhosts -p hosts

This may help


Dennis J. LaTul
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Cabletron Switches Disappear

It turns out that the Cabletron switches do not fully support the RFC's. I was able to get it to map correctly by modifying the OID_type file and adding cabletron to ovw_fields and snmp_fields. Ran ovw -fields and ovtopofix.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event