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Baffled with WARF files

Andrew Mabe

Baffled with WARF files

I would like to only let users logging in from the web to see the map, nothing more.
I don't want them to be able to do anything!! (helpdesk) Se here's my question:

I have been editing the files in this directory OV/share/www/registration/launcher/C
and following the examples to limit Access to users from the htgroups file. I am following
the example in the "creating and using Registration Files" chapter like this...

Action NNMalarms {
URL "/OvCgi/ovalarm.exe";
Access NetworkAdmin
WebWindow "OvWWWAlarm" {
Type limited;
Width 300;
Height 265;

When I run regverify on this file, it gives me errors when I add the statement 'Access NetworkAdmin'. I thought maybe there should be a semicolon there after it, and it didn't
produce any errors, but didn't change ANYTHING on the launcher!!!!

Has anyone done this before and got it to work?


Andrew Mabe

Re: Baffled with WARF files

Please Help!!!
Jose Ibarra
Respected Contributor.

Re: Baffled with WARF files


The ; is required syntax and the syntax you described enables access only to the user role 'NetworkAdmin'.

To enable security you will also need to assign your users to their appropriate roles in the /etc/opt/OV/share/www/etc/htgroup user authorization file. The default is
to grant users access to all roles, thus
setting access control without modify the authorization file will not limit access.

Chapter 13 of the Managing your network with Network Node manager discusses all the steps needed to enable web security in more detail.


Jose Ibarra