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Adding a new device in CiscoWorks2000

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Adding a new device in CiscoWorks2000

Hi !

I am trying to add devices in ciscoworks database.
I use uppercase RO & RW community but if i export the databse to a file, the communities are lowercase.
This seems to be a known bug (CSCdm01805) but there is no workaroud.
Do you know a workaaround ?
Perhabs it is possible with sql commands, but i don't know the user and password for the SQLDatabase of CiscoWorks. Do you know it.

Lane Frazier
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Re: Adding a new device in CiscoWorks2000


Unfortunately it sounds like you may need to open a case with Cisco on this issue.

What OS are you running NT or HP-UX? If HP-UX 10.20 or 11.0
What release of RME are you running.

I have had numerous problems with RME (Resource Mgr Essentials) 2.1 on HP-UX 10.20

Seems to be much better on 11.0 HP-UX with RME 2.2

I've never encountered your particular problem..You might give this a try....Have you tried adding your devices interactively one at a time. I don't think RME or the Cisco config particularly care if the community passwords are upper or lower case...mine works either way.

Hope this helps some
Maybe one day I'll understand Openview?!
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Re: Adding a new device in CiscoWorks2000

I have open a case. This is realy a bug from cisco. There is no solution !

best regards
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event