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220R and A1000 RAID 5 Implementation

Jonathan Whited1
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220R and A1000 RAID 5 Implementation

Question: Is it better to use H/W RAID over S/W RAID when
implementing HP OpenView NNM, and why?

Question: Is it better for Backup/Disaster Recovery to design redundancy by
attaching H/W RAID to each OpenView server instead of sharing the H/W RAID with
a primary and backup server initially, and why?

Specifics: I have just taken over a new project in which the design has been
approved for 2 Sun 220R Servers with only one H/W RAID 5 configuration Sun
Storage A1000 device ordered for the primary server. The initial plan has the
primary server being placed into production physically attached to the A1000.
The backup server will be a "cloned" image of the primary server and basically
turned off sitting in the rack.

The current design has the RAID 5 Sun A1000 having its disks partitioned to
include all NNM configuation and database directories


and the CiscoWorks directories that are planned for growth.

In the event of the primary server crashing, the backup server is currently
planned to be configured with the same IP address as the primary server, and
will just be connected to the network (FastEthernet), and the SCSI cable
disconnected from the primary server to the A1000 H/W RAID device and
re-connected from the backup server to the A1000.

I believe that it would be better to order another A1000 unit for the backup
220R, and mirror the production server with a full backup of both the 220R and
A1000. This will enable the entire unit to be taken off-site for Disaster
Recovery (to be implemented at a later date).

Comments ?? Suggestions ??