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syslog of devices in Network Automation

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syslog of devices in Network Automation

Hi all,

I'm using NA 7.5 for windows. But I don't where I can see syslog of devices. Can you help me? and then so can check how many secssions accessing on devices?

Thanks so muck,
Vikas Khator
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Re: syslog of devices in Network Automation


You need to set this in c:\rendition\server\conf\syslog.conf.

Un comment the following lines :

# This action causes all log messages to be appended to the file
# named "syslog.all.txt" on the "D:" drive on a PC.
#*.*.file c:/temp/syslog.all.txt

We have syslogs going to a linux/unix server too and have Splunk to view it.
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Ivonne Nirich
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Re: syslog of devices in Network Automation

Hello Fellows,

I know that this threat might be old, but as I was looking for the same thing,
here are my conclusions, that I grave in another threat:

- The way to check the syslog information that NA is retreiving are 2:

1) With a Wireshark or tcpdump, for Win and Linux.
2) With the Troubleshooting tool:
- Go to: Admin -> Troubleshooting:
- Highlight the following in "Enabling logging for":
And I add the following options as weel:
*) External/syslog/syslogforward
"At level" -> Trace (most messages)

This will fill a file set on : /opt/NA/server/log/syslog_wrapper.log

Normally, this file do not have much activities, but, remember that adding this "trace messages"
will full it, and it is not something to be done permanently. it is just for test/review actions,
and the settings in the trobleshooting tool must set to normal in a short period of time.

Hope this help!

Kind regards,