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How do I add users to a partition?

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How do I add users to a partition?

Applogize as I am very new to NA.  Running version 9.22 and trying to understand partitions.  I want to restrict some users to only see thie devices, tasks, templates..etc   The userguide states that partitions is the way to do this but I am missing something.


I created a partition and can add devices to it but I don't see how to associate the users.  I selected the partition in "site" field under user information, however when I log in as that user I can see all the devices in the inventory.

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Re: How do I add users to a partition?



Let me describe this by example.  I'll show you what I did and my hope is that it will help you get going with your partitions;


I created a partition called "HP Device Partition".


Then I created a User Role (Admin -> User roles & Permissions -> click on "New User Role" at the top right).

This User Role was named "test partition user role" and I selected in the "View" selections "Site" and "HP Device Partion".


Then I created a User Group (Admin -> User Groups -> click on "New User Group" at the top right).

This User Group was named "vew test partition group" and I selected "test partition user role" in the "View Partitions Permissions" section towards the bottom of the page. 

Then, in the Users section directly below, I select user "test1" to be in the group. 


Now, if you look at the user  you assigned to the group  (Admin -> Users -> Click on user "UserName") you will see that this user is only associated with Group "vew test partition group".   


You can manage some of the permissions simply by picking the groups that you allow the user to be in.


Look through the User Role that you created and you can limit the user in other areas as well.


I hope that this answers your question.



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