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HPNA Custom Telnet Connected String

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HPNA Custom Telnet Connected String

I am trying to create access to a device a connected to a console server. I have everything figured out but the telnet connection requires us to press enter in order to connect to the device. There is an informational message I wanted to use as a prompt to let HPNA know the device is connected and to run the command script I have setup. The first line in the script is a carriage return.  Anyone know how to change the telnet connected string for device access? I tried using the field in the Bastion Host configuration but that isn't working. I believe I need to use one of the custom setting fields in the Device Access Settings but I need to know what the name of the setting is. (The setting from the Bastion Host "Telnet Connected String" doesn't work I tried it ;-)


Any help would be greately appreciated!

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Re: HPNA Custom Telnet Connected String


You could try and see if you can change or tweak the banner skip regex  in device access settings.  This might be able to work for what you want.  There's also options for changing your prompts (enable, exec, etc) but guessing what you need to change is prior to the prompts but wanted to mention them as well.  

You didn't say if you have a device password rule or if you have entered the credentials for the device and not using a general rule, but if it's a device password rule, you can go to admin / device password rules and then find the rule, edit it, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a link that says device access settings.  These prompts are avaialble under name from the drop-down boxes.  

If you statically entered in the credentials (no password rule), just enter the device and then you'll see "Use device-specific password information" is selected.  Below that you'll see device access settings - same as above, you can pick the options from the drop-down boxes and enter in the value(s) to try.  

Good luck!